Salta cafayate

Salta cafayate

How do I get from Salta to Cafayate?

From Salta The easiest way to reach Cafayate is to take either a car (rental car or private transfer) or a bus from Salta’s central bus terminal. You’ll see beautiful red rock gorges and the canyons of the Quebrada de las Conchas (Conchas Gorge) along the way, so make sure to take your time and stop for pictures.

Is Salta Argentina worth visiting?

Located in the northwest of Argentina , Salta (the region) is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Competing with other amazing destinations within the country like Patagonia, Salta hasn’t yet hit it big with tourists, which means it’s the perfect time to take a trip there, while it remains truly authentic.

When should I visit Salta?

Best Time To Visit Salta & the North West We consider the best months to go March and April or September to November when temperatures are a little cooler and there is less rain. In the spring (October/November) the landscape is a little greener than usual.

How do I get to Salta?

Travel by plane: Airplane is one of the most common ways to get to Salta . Interconnected with Buenos Aires, having flights on daily basis (during high season, even more than one), and also with other destinations of the country: Cordoba, Jujuy and Tucumán.

Is Cordoba Argentina worth visiting?

While most people visiting the country will no doubt explore the capital city, Córdoba is worth the trip for its blend of new and old, with 17th-century Jesuit ruins alongside modern art galleries, and a huge student population that makes the city fun and hip.

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What is Salta Argentina known for?

Nicknamed Salta la Linda (” Salta the beautiful”), it has become a major tourist destination due to its old, colonial architecture, tourism friendliness, excellent weather and natural scenery of the valleys westward.

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